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Kordil EDMS

Kordil EDMS - Free Electronic Document Management System

Kordil EDMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Kordil EDMS is free?

Kordil EDMS has been developed to serve in our internal projects. Currently, it is doing pretty well within our and our engaged organizations. Kordil EDMS is completely developed off-work time without spending even a full day on it. Therefore, it took +4 years to bring it to this stage, and each stages we discussed with people what would be good to have it in. During the development process we have spend a lot of man-hour and efforts on it. In addition, we have purchased software packs for development and publishing process. Only reason it is free is that we are willing to advertise our company via Kordil EDMS. Because, users of Kordil EDMS we believe are our potential clients, now and for the future. So that reason, we kept it free and will be free as long as we have enough feedback. Our main field of competitions are already presented in Please help us by visiting our website.

Who are the targeted users of Kordil EDMS?

We would like to say that Kordil EDMS is designed for all organizations that are producing or dealing with documents. On the other hand, since Kordil EDMS is developed by a surveying and engineering company, and so far only engineering, surveying and construction companies uses Kordil EDMS, and we are convinced that it solves document control issues. Prompt answer is 'technical organizations’.


Do we really need one?

Yes indeed. We are not questioning if you have document management software or not. Because, the power tools itself is a reason to have it. We are sure that you will save a lot of efforts.

Why Kordil EDMS is looking different than the others?

Because, Kordil EDMS is based on years of experiences in document management. We first learned how to deal with the documents and now learned how to manage the documents. So many fancy and advanced futures in commercial packages give really hard time to the users and administrators. Those may be convenient for military purpose. We are just focused on organizing documents straight forward.

A company need document management software most likely is not a new one. In an old company there must be hundreds of documents spread over the offices or in people's computers. The idea is having something to gather all those data into one place as quick as possible. That makes Kordil EDMS powerful and competitive among all others. Although, the amount of users increasing drastically every day, the amount of questions we recieve is almost the same. Because, IT IS REALLY USER FRIENDLY, NOT SO CALLED USER FRIENDLY.

However, if you are a new organization, let Kordil EDMS manages your document and you focus on your business. Kordil EDMS was developed to save your valuable time.